Top 6 Weight Loss Fruits You Should Eat

Top 6 Weight Loss Fruits You Should Eat post thumbnail image

Shedding those extra kilos and maintaining a lean body does not just involve regular exercising or eating less. One of the most effective ways to weight loss friendly fruits is to follow a well-balanced diet. And, incorporating more fruits into your diet is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthful weight. Jam-packed with fibre, minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients and everything else needed to stay healthy and fit, fruits are best to consume between meals to avoid unhealthy snacks. While most fruits are good for your general health in several ways, picking the right ones is important when weight loss is your goal! If you are wondering which fruits are the best for losing weight, continue reading this informative blog.

Best Weight loss Friendly Fruits

Fruits generally contain little to no fat and are extremely nutrient and mineral-dense, making them an ideal addition to your weight loss diet. Certain fruits are also high in water content that helps keep your body hydrated and satiated for longer than normal. Given below are some easily available fruits that are good for losing weight. 

1. Apples

It turns out that an apple a day really does chase the doctor away! Wondering how? Crunchy and fresh apples are loaded with healthy flavonoids and dietary- fibres that help reduce belly fat and promotes weight loss. These super fruits are also an excellent source of pectin fibre that breaks down the food slowly and improves digestion. Due to their nutritional richness, these sweet juicy fruits reduce calorie intake, contribute to fullness and accelerate fat loss. Eating one apple during for breakfast daily can help you feel active all day long.

2. Papayas 

The countless health benefits of papayas are very well known to all. But did you know that it is a miracle fruit for dieters? Papaya is a low in calorie fruit and a good source of dietary fibre, which makes it the best choice for a weight loss diet. It also contains a magical enzyme, which improves your metabolism and breaks down food in your system, thereby reducing constipation and bloating. This fruit is also a great source of high amounts of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C. Papayas can be consumed as they are, or added to smoothies, salads and desserts.

3. Avocados

Another on the list of fruits that can be added to your Weight loss Friendly Fruits diet is avocados. These super weight loss friendly fruits are loaded with many minerals, vitamins heart-healthy fats and anti-oxidants. Avocados are also an excellent source of nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, etc. So, if you are looking to lose weight or manage a healthful weight, try replacing unhealthy fats in your regular diet with avocados. According to studies individuals who consume avocados regularly tend to weigh less than those who do not! Avocados are best consumed as they or can be added to salads or smoothies. But the key is to consume them in moderation. 

4. Bananas

For those always looking for ways to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, bananas can become your best friend. Bananas are excellent fruits for losing those extra kilos because they are a good source of vitamins, fibre and minerals. They can also help combat your bloating and digestion issues with their high potassium and magnesium content. Many studies suggest that eating a medium-size banana daily helps control your hunger pangs and aids weight loss.

5. Strawberries

A natural fat buster, strawberries are powerful fruits that help the body release fat-burning enzymes, thereby promoting weight loss. They are low in calories and an excellent source of important nutrients like dietary- fibre, antioxidants, vitamin C and more. These highly nutritious can be an excellent addition to your diet if you are on a weight-loss mission. Consumption fruits of this tiny heart-shaped fruit can help protect against several diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. They are super versatile can be consumed fresh or added to desserts, smoothies and shakes.

6. Watermelon

Next to quality in the list of best Weight loss Friendly Fruits is no surprise. For decades, we have all known watermelons to aid weight loss. Watermelon is one of the refreshing fruits that are generally low in calories, high in water content (almost 91 per cent) and contains no fats. They are also a good source of amino acids which helps burn fat faster. The best thing about this nutritious fruit, however, is the fact that not only keeps you well hydrated, it will also keep you satiated for longer than normal which helps prevent unhealthy snacking. Watermelon is one of the best fruits to be consumed in the daytime. In fact, you can have this healthiest fruit for breakfast. However, be sure to avoid drinking water for 40 to 45 minutes after having it.

The bottom line

Now that you have the list of awesome weight loss friendly fruits, aren’t you heading to the supermarket to pick up your choices for healthy fruits to shed those extra pounds quickly! When consumed in moderation, the above-mentioned fruits can be a healthy part of a nutritious diet. 

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