What Are The Promising Health Benefits Of Carrots?

What Are The Promising Health Benefits Of Carrots? post thumbnail image

Winter is here, and crunchy, juicy, and yummy winter vegetables are here too! Yes, we are talking about carrots! You must have probably heard that carrots are good for your eye health. But just in case, you did not know the health benefits of these wonderful root vegetables are not just restricted to improved eyesight? Carrots are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids, fibre and other antioxidants, all of which possess countless amazing health and nutritional benefits. These root vegetables are consumed raw, added into a salad, and steamed or boiled. In this blog, we will further explore how carrots can be beneficial for your overall health.

Top 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots offer plenty of health benefits due to their high fibres, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants content. Not only are carrots highly nutritious and healthy, but they are actually wonderfully delicious, and extremely versatile veggies available in almost all vegetable stores. Below are some of the incredible health benefits of carrots you can add in your regular diet.

1. Helps to Lose Weight

Full in fibre and fairly low in calories, carrots are one of the best weight-loss friendly superfoods to munch on. Eating high fibre foods like carrots can actually help keep your tummy fuller for a longer period, and in turn, lowering your calorie intake. Additionally, being rich in fibre, carrots promote smooth bowel movement, while keeping your digestive system healthy and preventing constipation. One medium-sized carrot can provide you with 0.9 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat and 9.6 grams of carbs. So, have you consumed your crunchy and delicious carrots today?

2. Improves Dental Health

The high level of vitamin A and keratin present in carrots helps strengthen dental enamel and help repair the damaged one. In addition, carrots contain a decent amount of vitamin C that promotes gum health. There are many food items that act as nature’s toothbrushes and these root vegetables are one of them. Munching on this crunchy and juicy veggie boosts the saliva production in your mouth, thereby scrubbing away plaque and food debris from your teeth. So, make sure you eat plenty of carrots as part of your daily diet. Make sure you load your vegetable shopping bag with plenty of these nutritious veggies next time you go out for vegetable shopping.

3. Promotes Eye Health

Carrots are jam-packed with lots of essential minerals and vitamins that play key roles in the proper functioning of many of your vital body organs. Well, most famously, these root veggies contain high levels of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene that help improve your vision. According to experts, a deficiency of this key nutrient can lead to various vision problems. In fact, a half-bowl serving of chopped, raw carrots can fulfil about 200 per cent of your daily need of vitamin A.  So, adding carrots to your regular diet will not only boost your general health but also reduce the chances of age-related vision problems.

4. Boost your Immunity

Carrots are jam-packed with several essential nutrients and healthy compounds such as Vitamin B6, potassium, Vitamin K, and antioxidants. And, all these healthy compounds present in this crunchy superfood play an important role in strengthening your immune system, giving it a much-needed boost. A strong immune system is very important to prevent various communicable diseases such as the common cold and flu while speeding up the healing process if you ever get sick.

5. Gives you Healthy Skin

This is another great reason why you should munch more carrots daily! You probably already heard that carrots are good for your general health but you would be surprised to know that these crunchy superfoods are good for your skin as well. Carrots are called beauty boosters by many people because they are loaded with many essential nutrients. A decent amount of vitamin A and antioxidants found in carrots can protect your skin from sun damage, dry skin and treat various skin related problems. They are one of the cheapest and healthiest ways to keep your skin at its best. To get instant results, try adding a glass of fresh carrot juice in your routine diet. 

The Bottom line

We hope that you this informative guide convinced you to add these delicious and nutritious root vegetables in your regular diet? Let us know how you would like to add these crunchy and juicy veggies to your daily diet? Do share your favourite carrot recipes with us in the comments box given below. 

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