What Are The Incredible Benefits Of Using Sunscreen Every day?

What Are The Incredible Benefits Of Using Sunscreen Every day? post thumbnail image

Hopefully, by now, you are well aware of the fact and benefits of using sunscreen every day is a wise idea, especially if you spend an extended amount of your time outdoors under the harsh sun, but are you aware of the specific reasons why doing that is so important? Sunscreens are enriched with several properties that protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent various types of skin problems. If you are not already applying sunscreen every day, this interesting blog brings you some really strong reasons why you should make it a part of your skincare regime all year long.

The Surprising Benefits of Using Sunscreen

In a nutshell, wearing sunscreen daily not only safeguards your skin from harsh sun rays but also offers other skin benefits. A moisturizing sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 is highly recommended for daily use. If you have not gotten into the daily habit of wearing sunscreen, what are you waiting for? Outlined below are some of the amazing reasons you should wear sunscreen every day!

1. Protects your Skin from UV Rays

This is the prime reason why you may want to use sunscreen daily. While it is a widely known fact that sun rays are the source of the sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) required by your body, over-exposure without the use of good sunscreens can result in long-lasting sun damage. Direct sun damage is not just painful and uncomfortable but can have severe consequences. Putting sunscreen is one of the best ways to combat excess sun exposure. Most people think ultraviolet rays are not dangerous in the coldest months or when it is cloudy or raining. But the true story is that sun rays are harmful throughout the year. This includes fall and winter as well. So, sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare routine, all year long, not just in the summer months.

2. Lowers the Risk of Skin Cancer

This is another great benefit you can get by applying sunscreen to your skin. When harmful sun rays hit your skin, it tends to lose its outer protective layer, which leaves your skin vulnerable to skin cancer. Well, using good sunscreen lotions every day can help cut the risk of developing various types of skin cancers, especially the deadliest one known as melanoma. That’s why many dermatologists recommend using sunscreen lotion with an SPF of at least 30 all over your body and not just your face and hands. If you are stepping outdoors, make sure to reapply sunscreen lotion every two hours for maximum protection.

3. Prevents Premature Ageing

You may find it surprising but other than harsh environmental factors (pollutants, chemicals and more), overexposure to ultraviolet rays is one of the main reasons that lead to premature ageing. The harmful UV rays can cause severe damage to your skin, allowing wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines to develop. Well, uneven skin with wrinkles and fine lines is unappealing. Who doesn’t want healthier and younger-looking skin? Various studies suggest that individuals under age 55 who use sunscreen on a daily basis had a 24 per cent lesser chance of experiencing skin ageing than those who don’t. Using sunscreen on a daily basis can help slow down the effects of ageing on your skin, thereby giving you radiant, healthy and younger-looking skin.

4. Good for Skin Health

Healthy and glowing skin is evident when you follow a proper skin care routine! It just takes less than a minute and can create a world of difference in the texture of your skin! Adding sunscreen to your daily skincare routine can help prevent the destruction of vital skin proteins such as elastin, keratin and collagen. All these skin proteins are extremely important for maintaining skin elasticity and integrity. That’s why applying a good amount of sunscreen all over the body is one of the best and easiest ways to protect the appearance of skin at any age. If you are unable to pick a good sunscreen for yourself, consult your dermatologist for advice. Make sure to add a good one to your daily skincare regime.

The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed learning about the amazing benefits of wearing sunscreen every day. All in all, adding a moisturising sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 to your daily skincare routine is quick, easy, and extremely affordable.

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