The Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter

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Laughing is one of the most emotional responses of a human being; it is as normal and natural as breathing process. But did you know how beneficial a daily dose of laughter can be for your mind and body? Yes, you read that right. Multiple studies suggest that both stress and laughter have the exact opposite effect on your mind and body. A good laugh is one of the natural cures for combatting stress, anxiety and various health problems. Read on this informative blog to discover the positive impact of a good laugh on your body and mind.

Top 6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Laughter

We all have heard that laughter is (apparently) the powerful medicine, but how true this common phrase is? Listed below are the top six surprising health benefits of laughter.

1. It Makes You Happy

Let’s cover the obvious ones first. When you start to giggle, your body releases happy hormones commonly known as endorphins. The happy hormones help block out all the negative emotions and make you feel good. Also, these feel-good hormones are the body’s natural painkillers. So, a simple way to live a happier and pain-free life is to laugh more.

2. It Improves Your Skin Health

 A good dose of laughter also helps with different types of skin conditions. Have you ever noticed what happens to your face when you are excited and happy? Well, a laugh-out-loud moment will get a healthy flush of colours in your cheeks. That’s because the teeny-tiny capillaries in your facial skin are woken up, giving you a healthy and glowing skin. While you cannot reverse the natural ageing process, laughing more frequently can help you make you look younger than your age. Research also indicates that a lack of humour and happiness in your life can directly affect your skin health. So, have a good laugh, it will help your skin feel better.

3. It Boosts Your Immune System

Yes, that’s right! A good laugh can help give your immune system a much-needed boost. Researchers have found that a good dose of laughter can actually increase the amount of hardworking antibodies and immune cells in the body. Both of these factors help to strengthen your immune system and resistance to several health diseases and bacteria. Plus, it also lowers the amount of stress hormones running through your body, so after a solid session of giggles you should be less tense and anxious.

4. It Is Good For Your Heart

Did you know that laughing helps boost your heart health? Well, it is actually the best medicine for your heart. When you laugh, you tend to breathe faster and as a result the blood pressure increases. This act of laughing immediately increases the level of oxygen in the blood, enhancing the vascular function. So, the simple way to boost your heart health is to make time to laugh every day. Find those precious moments of joy!

5. It Burns Calories

Believe it or not, being open to good humour could help you in your fitness plan. The act of laughing can get your heart pumping and kill a good number of calories at the same time. So, if you are trying to slim down, think about adding a session of giggles to your workout routine. Go ahead and laugh out loud. Get excited over something that makes you feel happy. A classic comedy sitcom might easily keep you laughing for 30 minutes or more.

6. It Improves Your Sleep

Yet another great health perk of a good dose of laughter is that it can help address sleep problems. It may surprise you, but being consistently happy could help you get a good night’s sleep. A good bout of deep belly laughter before going to bed combats anxiety and stress, leading to a relaxed sleep which is just what you need after a hard day.  If the last sitcom you watch before falling asleep is a comic genre, then there are good chances of getting a deep and relaxed sleep.

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So, there you have it, top six incredible health benefits of laughing more frequently. It’s often said laughter is a powerful medicine that makes people feel better but hopefully now you can reap all the aforementioned health benefits of a healthy dose of laughter. Carry on laughing! 

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