Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits & Different Ways to Consume Muskmelon

Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits & Different Ways to Consume Muskmelon post thumbnail image

Muskmelon is a refreshing and delicious summer snack that is loved by people across all age groups. But do you know there are plentiful other health benefits of eating this super fruit? These juicy and delicious fruits come packed with several essential nutrients required for healthy body functioning. Production of muskmelon occurs all across Australia. Hence, these superfruits are available throughout the entire year for consumption. This informative blog presented by the Dailyhealthtips team looks at the nutritional value, and impressive health benefits of muskmelon including different ways to consume it.

Nutritional Facts Of Muskmelon

Summer is officially here and muskmelon season too. Muskmelon and summer are a perfect equation and many adults and children love this season because of this yummy fruit. As already covered above, more than just a juicy, delicious summer fruit, muskmelons are extremely healthy too. There are several health benefits of muskmelons. Like other melons, muskmelon has high water content. Over 90% of this wonderful fruit is water. However, this does not make it fall short of other essential nutrients. Talking about muskmelon’s nutrition value, 156 grams of our beloved fruit contains:

Serving size 156 Grams   
Sugar  12 g 
Calories 53 Kcal 
Protein  1.3 g 
Fat  0.3 grams 
Potassium 531.96 mg 
Vitamin C 40.56 mg 
Vitamin A 3126 IU 
Carbohydrate 13 g 
Dietary fibre 1.4 g 

When we savour juicy and delicious muskmelon eye season, we probably don’t think about the amazing health benefits that come with every bite. Consuming this sweet melon in excess must be avoided as it might leave you with an upset stomach. The right time to consume this fruit is in the afternoon or the morning and not after that.

Top Health Benefits Of Muskmelon

Now that you already know Muskmelon boasts about its impressive nutritional profile. Interestingly, several research studies have linked the vital nutrients of muskmelon with amazing health benefits. Keen to know a bit more about muskmelons and their incredible health benefits? Read on the main health benefits of muskmelon.

1. Good For Digestion

Muskmelon is loaded with high water content and dietary fibre, which makes it an amazing natural healer for those suffering from chronic constipation, indigestion and other digestive disorders.  The dietary fibre content in this healthy fruit helps improve bowel movements with a cooling and calming effect on the stomach. Moreover, the high content of vitamin C in muskmelon helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers. Muskmelon is delicious and can be eaten after cutting it into several pieces. You can also add other fruits and prepare a fruit salad. 

2. Promotes Weight Loss

The fat content in muskmelon is negligible and that makes this delicious fruit assist you in losing excess body weight. It is full of dietary fibre and also high in water. So, it is no surprise that muskmelon is something you could be enjoying to boost your diet and deal with hunger pangs while trying to lose weight. So, if weight loss is your goal, use muskmelon in smoothies and juices.

3. Strengthen the immune system

When it comes to a strong immune system, it is worth mentioning vitamin C as it helps boost the immune system. And it is widely known that vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells that help keep infections away. Muskmelon is a good source of vitamin C and as mentioned above 156 grams of muskmelon contains 40.56 mg of vitamin C. So, try incorporating this yummy fruit into your routine diet for excellent benefits. Muskmelon milkshake is one of the easiest recipes to make.  You can also cut muskmelon into small pieces and enjoy this as a mid-meal snack between breakfast and lunch.

4. Promotes Hair Growth

Several studies have proven the potential health benefits of muskmelon for healthy hair. Since muskmelon features a high content of vitamin A, it could do wonders for your hair that no other expensive hair product can.  It is common knowledge that vitamin A stimulates the production of serum which is required to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Furthermore, directly applying 2 tablespoons of muskmelon pulp to your scalp regularly can improve your hair health, giving you long and lustrous hair.

5. Good For Eye Health

Regular consumption of this sweet melon is good for the eyes and reduces the risk of cataracts and otter age-related vision issues as it is a good source of beta carotenes and vitamin A. You can consume these sweet melons as a part of your regular meals to optimise your eye health.

6. Cures Toothache

One of the significant benefits of muskmelon is that it is good for your dental health.  Several studies indicate that eating the fruit raw or rinsing the mouth with a solution prepared from the peel of this sweet lemon twice a day helps treat dental pain and other oral health issues.

The Bottom Line

 As you know now, muskmelons are super-healthy, delicious and produced in Australia all year round. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on the goodness of this awesome fruit!

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