Top 5 Good Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Every day

Top 5 Good Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Every day post thumbnail image

Wondering what are the benefits of practicing yoga every day? Well, one of the biggest reasons so many people are falling in love with this ancient Indian practice is that they are discovering how beneficial it is for your body, mind and soul. Infact, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced an increasing number of people worldwide to turn to yoga to help support, balance, and strengthen the immune system. Since International Yoga Day 2022 is around the corner, you have an excellent reason to incorporate this wonderful art into your fitness program and promise yourself many physical and mental health benefits. In this informative post from Healthsaverguide, let’s understand in detail the amazing health benefits of practising yoga every day, especially in the morning.

The Top 5 Strong Reasons to Start Yoga

You probably already know by now that yoga is good for your overall health. The best part is that anyone can practice yoga, irrespective of lifestyle, gender or age. Listed below are a few reasons you should start yoga now.

1. Improves Your Body Posture

Sitting for a long time in front of a laptop or computer could not only hurt your back and neck but also make you feel totally drained by the end of the day. A twenty-minute yoga session every day helps tone and stretch the body’s muscles, making them stronger. Additionally, doing yoga every day, especially in the morning, helps improve body posture when you walk, sleep, sit, or stand. This would, in turn, help get rid of the pain due to incorrect body posture. As you will notice considerable relief in your body pain, you will feel more active and will not require any pain killers. So, stepping onto a good-quality yoga mat for a short yoga session is one of the best things you can do to make your posture and body structure better.

2. Boost Heart Health

Poor eating habits, inadequate sleep, stress and physical inactivity are some of the few things that can hamper the normal functioning of your heart and increase the risk of various heart diseases. While many popular cardiovascular exercises help boost heart health, many studies have pointed out that starting yoga as a fitness routine can lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and stretch chest muscles. However, apart from doing yoga every day, especially in the morning for improving your heart health, it is also important to maintain a proper diet.

3. Improves Your Sleep

There are many surprising health benefits of incorporating yoga into your lifestyle and improved sleep hygiene is one of them. Yes, you read that right! Regular yoga practice helps in combating stress and creates a routine that in turn improves your sleeping patterns. This is one of the reasons individuals dealing with insomnia or other sleep disorders start yoga, and undoubtedly it is an impressive benefit of yoga practice.  Have trouble falling or staying asleep at night? Nidra yoga is a highly recommended posture to improve the quality of sleep.

4. Boost Your Immunity

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of a strong and healthy immune system. Even though yoga as a practice is universally known for its several physical and mental benefits, it is a form of exercise that has a beneficial effect on your immune system. Any form of body movement is good for strengthening the immune system. And, different types of yoga postures, moves and twists help enhance and heal every cell in your body, boosting your immunity naturally. Additionally, practicing yoga every day not only helps in fighting against several viruses and bacteria you catch especially when the season changes but also strengthens your immunity to keep diseases at bay.

5. Burn Your Belly Fat

A hectic work schedule with a lack of physical activity and poor eating habits often lead to a build-up of stomach fat and other health problems. While there really are no magic tricks to lose stubborn tummy fat, a balanced diet with an excellent fitness regime can help burn abdominal fat to a great extent. And, if you are not interested in heavy gym workouts, practising certain poses of yoga for flat tummy at home can be your best bet. Some effective postures of yoga for flat tummy like Bow pose, Cobra pose, and Downward-facing dog pose can help reduce stubborn belly fat and excessive body weight along with improving your overall health.

Wrapping Up

Other than the top five above-listed benefits, there are many more physical and mental benefits of doing yoga every day. Note- Individuals dealing with any specific medical concerns should consult with their health care professionals before introducing yoga into their daily routine to check what types of yoga poses might be best for them. Why do you practice yoga every day? Drop your reasons in the comments section. 

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